Insulation of doors and windows moulding and doorstep insulation

For the insulation of doors and windows general expanding foam is used, which is sprayed between the wall and the frame.
But! This heat insulation needs to be protected from the moisture. For this purpose we manufacture the 0.33 mm thick SICOFOL® soft PVC foil in 50 m rolls cut into 11,5 cm; 17,5 cm; 24 cm; 30 cm; 36,5 cm; and 50 cm width.
Before installing the frame we glue the foil to the wall with PVC glue, after installing the frame we spray the expanding foam.
We need to choose a foil with the width that we can fold out on the wall approx. 5 cm distance, and then glue this part with PVC glue to the wall. Plastering will cover the foil. Using the foil for metal- and plastic framed doors and windows is even more important, than in case of wooden structures, because the vapour condensation is more intensive on a better heat conductor material.

For the heat insulation of concrete beams we need to install similarly the heat insulation material between the moulding and doorstep in order to avoid the formation of a heat bridge.
The heat insulation material needs also to be protected from the moisture of the wall, our solution is the insulation with SICOFOL® 0,3 mm thick PVC foil. The failure to install these insulations is even less visible, as the extra heating costs occurring from the heat bridges can only be proven by calculations.