Sicofol Garden
heavy duty industrial lawn grating, copper wire mesh

Sicofol Garden® - heavy duty industrial lawn grating, copper wire mesh

Sicofol Garden® - High Quality Solution

Solid plastic lawn trellis - Cheap, fast and durable solution
Sicofol Garden® meets special requirements, keeps its shape under heavy loads and prevents the soil from sinking. Easy to lay, either temporarily or permanently.
Reusable, easy to pick up and move to a new location. They can be linked, connected and varied as modular building elements. Resistant to weathering, frost and salt. Thanks to its special design, it has excellent drainage, ensuring that the site is passable in all seasons. After installation, the chambers can be filled with grass, sand, gravel or chippings, depending on the use.


high load capacity
easy installation (laying on level ground + filling with sand/gravel)
rugged construction (non-damaging, non-deformable, form-retaining)
durable (resistant to weather elements, chemical attack)
wide range of uses (public spaces, parks, car parks, footpaths, garage, petting zoo and paddock)
mobility (temporary and permanent deposition)
variable (can be picked up and re-deposited at any time)
stable fit (can be linked to built-in paths)
low-cost (perfect alternative to concrete/asphalt when building a car park or footpath)
frost and salt resistant


residential, public and industrial
car parks, driveways, footpaths, footbridges, animal pens, animal runs, construction sites, parks, garage parking, areas requiring soil bonding, factory flooring, turf grid underpinning

Soil erosion control (water and wind carry large amounts of soil away from the site, this is prevented by the turfgrass lattice)
subsidence prevention (the load on the surface is evenly distributed due to its special design)
made from recycled materials (to reduce your ecological footprint)
environmentally friendly (allows rainwater to drain into the soil)
increases the carrying capacity of the lawn
reduces damage to vegetation
safe (precipitation drains into the ground, making the surface safe for walking and driving)

Temporary: placing on level ground
Final: after ground water leveling, the Sicofol Garden® turf grid is laid down, aligned with the help of the grooves and the finished area is filled with soil / gravel

Our products are manufactured with the strictest quality control, every process is personally checked, thus guaranteeing the safety of the High Quality Solution® to our partners!

Sicofol garden - lawn grid

Industrial lawn grid:net 2.500 HUF / piece

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