Sicofol Pond
pond liner

Garden pond and bio-bath pond made of pond liner

What does "organic" mean?

In organic ponds, the quality of the water is not ensured by chemicals, filters, disinfectants or machines, but by imitating nature and creating a biological balance. This requires sufficient water surface, water depth and a good selection of plants. Oxygenation of the water can be provided by fountains, spouts.

How to make a biobathing lake?

The best place is a sheltered sunny corner away from trees. The shape should be simple, preferably rectangular, as it is easiest to make at home.

The perfect profile: Dig the centre of the pond to a depth of 80-150 cm, as fish and water lily roots will overwinter safely below the frost line. A pump can also be placed here if you want to remove the water.

Handle SICOFOL pond liner with care! Do not place hot or sharp objects on it. If the excavated bed is stony, place a protective layer under the foil. For ponds larger than 100m2, it is better to weld the SICOFOL liner on site. In warm sunny weather, the rolled out liner will take up the shape of the bed in no time.

Installation: Fill in the bed, which will allow the foil to take the final shape of the pond. The black colour of the ponds makes them appear deeper and makes it harder for light-demanding algae to colonise the dark bed.

Create a pond:Place the SICOFOL pond liner in the pond bed. Cover the edges of the liner with heating bricks, flat stones, concrete or gravel, which is very attractive and prevents siltation.

The first fill:Ornamental ponds need silt at the bottom of the pond for wildlife to survive. This is where frogs overwinter and plants take root. Before filling the pond with water, cover it with 8 cm of zeolite stone, gravel, sand or pebbles. For bathing ponds, do not put anything in the floating part of the pond, so it is easier to clean.



PD05: 500 HUF+ VAT/m2

Thickness: 0,5 mm thick


PD08 : 
Net 800 HUF+VAT / m2

Thickness: 0,8 mm thick


PD1 : 
Net 1.000 HUF+VAT / m2

Thickness: 1 mm thick


Net 1.200 HUF+VAT / m2

Thickness: 1,2 mm thick


PD15 :
 Net 1.500 HUF+VAT / m2

Thickness: 1,5mm thick


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