Sicofol Safety

SICOFOL SAFETY® Head restraint - for safe speed

The Sicofol Safety® speed bumper is a reinforced speed limiting element made of a special compound, a dynamic speed threshold. Highly resistant to the elements, frost and salt resistant. 

Resistant to external impacts, whether chemical or mechanical. Available in two different colours - black and yellow - to aid visibility.
The side-by-side elements of the traffic management device are fixed to the asphalt/concrete pavement with pegs/dowels.
Where is it needed? Where slowing down traffic is recommended/necessary or where drivers need to be reminded to drive more carefully than usual: residential/recreational areas, around institutions, business areas.

Where can it be installed? According to current regulations. Currently, they can be installed on secondary roads where the speed limit is below 50 km/h.

• black and yellow
• high load capacity
• easy installation (fixed to the pavement with pegs / dowels)
• sturdy design (non-deformable, form-retaining)
• durable (resistant to weather elements, chemical attack)
• undercarriage-friendly design
• frost and salt resistant, UV resistant

• residential: parking lots, residential-recreational areas, major pedestrian traffic areas; private areas with public traffic
• around institutions: nurseries, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, clinics
• industrial areas: sites, petrol stations

Sicofol Safety® speed bumps are attached to the asphalt/concrete pavement with pegs/dowels.

Our products are manufactured with the strictest quality control, every process is personally monitored to guarantee the safety of our partners!
Sicofol Safety® fekvőrendőr imageSicofol safety - Fekvőrendőr

Sicofol safety - speed bumps

WOODSLateral: net 3.000 HUF / piece

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